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ESSAY: The Christmas Truce

Upon reflection, it is incredible that crucial facts about our military adventures, such as GI resistance during the Vietnam War, are almost entirely absent from the news and history as it is taught…

LPEA Announces Youth Camp Dates

Bennett notes that “fun” is also part of the experience, and scheduled activities include a river trip and dance, a visit to Steamboat Springs and Fish Creek Falls, plus free time at the swimming pool…

A lighted display ad at the Juneau airport reminds Alaskans how much fun it can be to purchase health insurance.

ESSAY: Letter from Alaska, Part Four

Among the Tlingit Indians of Alaska — a tribe I was a marginally accepted into, during my marriage to Clarissa — the idea of “family” extends far beyond the concepts I’d been brought up with…

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ESSAY: Letter from Alaska, Part Three

Why do we write, those of us who are drawn to the written word? Why do we assemble collections of words and phrases, often with little expectation that anyone will ever read our sentences?