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ESSAY: Vengeance is Obsolete

Looking down upon adversaries from a moral high ground — just as they do him — contradicts the mercy and compassion he affirms as the presumed basis of Israeli superiority, rationalizing the continued cycle of “an eye for an eye.” Where is the mercy, or justice, in bulldozing of the houses of the murder suspects?

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Protecting Our Freedoms

‘This is a copy of a document that was filed with — it’s my understanding — with all federal judges, last week. Please take note, because it really is directed at all elected officials….’

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ESSAY: Universal Children’s Day

On October 14, 2014, labor ministers and representatives of 25 Latin American and Caribbean countries signed a declaration launching an initiative to rid the region of child labor…

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Christmas Tree Permits Now Available

Christmas tree permits, which allow you to cut your own holiday tree on National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands, are now on sale at federal lands offices and selected retail outlets in southwestern Colorado…

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Drilling for Electricity, Part Five

I wonder if any five-year-old could have been more fascinated with the complex and biologically-diverse world theorized by paleontologists based on a few thousand fossil remains, dug up here and there…