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Bill Hudson editor writer video producer

Editor Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson, Editor
Writer, Photographer, Videographer, Web Designer, Former Vegetarian

Bill Hudson, editor of the Daily Post, has absolutely no academic training in journalism.  But he did once receive a gift subscription to The New Yorker magazine, and that proved an inspiring experience, generating fantasies of someday editing a well-read magazine.

In his previous life, Mr. Hudson has been a theatrical set designer, musical instrument builder, graphic artist, sculptor, sign painter, and doting father to three lovely kids. Nowadays, when not editing the Daily Post or hanging out with grandchildren, he designs websites… or plays guitar in the secluded darkness of his bedroom.

Contact Bill at pagosadailypost@gmail.com or by phone at 970-236-6116.


dc duncan pagosa springs colorado

Columnist DC Duncan

DC Duncan, Columnist
Storyteller, Dreamer

DC has been a frustrated musician for over forty years, and now has decided to become a frustrated writer. He’ll keep you posted.

Contact DC at dcduncan@pagosadailypost.com or by phone at 970-731-5863.



Writer Cynda Green

Cynda Green, Contributing Writer
Researcher, Photographer, Music & Theater Fan, Fearless Seeker of Truth & Justice

Cynda Green moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 2005 to spend some insurance money from the loss of a mountain cabin in a catastrophic wildfire in San Diego. She recently discovered and fell in love with Salida, Colorado and now divides her time between two lovely yet distinctly different communities on opposite sides of Wolf Creek Pass.

Cynda can be contacted at cyndagreen@gmail.com