Pagosa Bar

The Pagosa Bar is located at 460 Pagosa St. (Main Street) in downtown Pagosa Springs.
Open 10 am to 2 am daily.
(970) 264-2749 : Visit their Facebook Page

If you like old saloons and dive bars, the Pagosa Bar is the best watering hole in town. Built in 1928, it looks like it hasn’t changed much since the 1950s. My sincere thanks to owner Pete Dach for preserving this piece of history.

Pagosa Bar main street pagosa springs historic buildings

It’s in the middle of the downtown retail shops, and it’s where I go for refreshments while the girls prowl the stores. This is a “shot & a beer” joint, and it’s not unusual to see the guy next to you with a beer and a shot. The shot of the day is chilled Blackberry Brandy — always.

Check out the worn bar top. And I award extra points for using guns as decor. There are also a couple Quarter pool tables. Friendly, a lot of regulars — you’ll see ponytails & tattoos. Easy to start a conversation; hard to end one. I’ve even taken my 80-year-old mother there. She liked it.

pagosa bar pool historic tavern in pagosa springs

It’s a little more of a “manly place”, but there are always some women hanging around. NOTE: if one of the ladies offers to shoot pool with you — “Loser buys the drinks” — trust me, she will know how to break.

The State of Colorado granted the Pagosa Bar a rare ”cigar bar” designation (despite the fact that I’ve rarely seen a cigar in the place). So it’s one of the few bars left in the state where you can legally smoke. But the interior is spacious and the front door is open 8 months of the year, and smoke is not a problem for most people.

The Pagosa Bar knows that many of us guys get thirsty early in the day, so they open at 10am.


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