Category: Humor

HUMOR: The Great Debate

Charles was exhausted. A strange feeling had come over him as the last of his guests went home. He dialed Chet…

HUMOR: Winner Take All

All the Hathaways would convene once more in the Wilbert Thorndike Auditorium, where several marshals of the law, experts and dignitaries, politicians and law clerks would be in attendance…

HUMOR: Day of Rest

Chet Bjertle didn’t have to work. So each year, on Labor Day, he was faced with a most perplexing conundrum. When one has no job, what does one do on his day off?

HUMOR: The Big Independence Day Mistake

Imagine how different America would have been, if Congress — instead of forever severing our political ties with Great Britain — had simply gone around to the corner tavern and knocked down a few beers?

HUMOR: And… Action!

They were auditioning South Pacific, which featured a variety of minor roles Charles considered appropriate to his ability…