Author: Richard Donnelly

HUMOR: A Box of Puppies

Late at night a burglar slipped through the glass doors in back of the house. We shall overlook for the time being how those doors might have come to be unlocked…

HUMOR: Bob Hollander Reporting

I’m not sure what all of you want to hear. Rush City isn’t the most exciting place in the world. It’s pretty tame, actually. Not much happens…

HUMOR: Zicke Zacke

“But Chet, it’s Octoberfest!” said Brenda. “And you can’t blame the whole state of Wisconsin.”

HUMOR: Home is Where the Heart Is

“It’s my turn to host the family reunion, and I’m a nervous wreck. My sister keeps calling. What is there to do in Nebraska? she says…”

HUMOR: The Luck of the Irish

She puts the glass down and sits. It’s a slow night. She is dark and short and heavy and pretty and her violet eyes flash when she laughs…