‘Second Fun Race’ Results from Wolf Creek Ski Area

By Julie Martinez

Wolf Creek Ski Area hosted the Second Fun Race this past Sunday, January 21. With 29 racers, Chris Foti of Pagosa Springs came out ahead with the fastest time of 28.20 seconds, closely followed by River Pitcher of Pagosa Springs with a time of 28.24 seconds.

Photo courtesy Wolf Creek Ski Area.

The next race in the Fun Race Series will be held this Sunday, January 28. It’s FREE with purchase of a lift ticket and open to skiers and boarders of all ages and abilities. Medals are awarded to the top 3 racers in each division. Come on out, join in on the fun and earn your medal at the next Fun Race!

You can also see the results on our website.

GOLD: Isabelle Ratcliff, Pagosa Springs, 48.26

GIRLS 15-17
GOLD: River Pitcher, Pagosa Springs, 28.24

WOMEN 31-35
GOLD: Stella Gilliland, Alamosa, 34.34

WOMEN 36-40
GOLD: Ashley Greco, Alamosa, 84.94

WOMEN 41-50
GOLD: Sophia Nobrega, Albuquerque, 108.82

WOMEN 61-70
GOLD: Sandy Nelson, Pagosa Springs, 34.87
SILVER: Dana Valenito, Salida, 44.24

BOYS 3-5
GOLD: Isaac, Del Norte, 65.24

BOYS 6-8
GOLD: Ryan Rich, Pagosa Springs, 37.56
SILVER: Noah Bellina, Pagosa Springs, 38.42
BRONZE: Janzen Rapp, Pagosa Springs, 43.24

BOYS 9-11
GOLD: Mateo Nobrega, Albuquerque, 46.54

BOYS 12-14
GOLD: Luca Nobrega, Albuquerque, 41.05

BOYS 15-17
GOLD: Jeb Thompson, Pagosa Springs, 35.04

MEN 26-30
GOLD: Chris Foti, Pagosa Springs, 28.20
SILVER: David Strawn, Del Norte, 32.24

MEN 31-35
GOLD: Jimmy Valenti, Alamosa, 34.34

MEN 36-40
GOLD: Chris Pitcher, Pagosa Springs, 30.59

MEN 41-50
GOLD: Luke Thompson, Pagosa Springs, 37.00
SILVER: Dan Filipiak, Pagosa Springs, 33.80
BRONZE: Richard Walker, Belen NM, 38.52

MEN 60-70
GOLD: Doug Robert, Pagosa Springs, 35.55
SILVER: Mike Herdina, Pagosa Springs, 39.85


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