Steamworks’ Kicks Off the New Year with ‘Scottish Firkin’

Steamworks Brewing Co. will serve up a special “McGrahamits Scottish Firkin” for its January Firkin Fridays event on Friday, January 5, 2018.

The keg will be tapped at 3pm.  Open 11 a.m. to closing seven days a week, Steamworks is located at 801 E. Second. Ave., Durango (970.259.9200).

The unique McGrahamits Scottish Firkin features a base of Steamworks’ popular McDammits Scottish Ale, which enjoys a rich malt character of caramel, molasses and chocolate, as well as a hearty ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8.5 percent.

“We then created a drinkable form of graham cracker flavor using honey, molasses, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon, and added that to the firkin,” said Steamworks Brew Master Ken Martin. “The McDammits and this graham cracker flavor combination seems like the perfect match. It should have a true warming flavor (and effect). Great for the depths of winter.”

By definition, a firkin is an old English unit of volume, typically a wooden cask equal to approximately one-quarter of a regular barrel, or nine/ten gallons. The word “firkin” is derived from the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn, which means “fourth” as in one-fourth the size.

“In the United Kingdom, cask-conditioned beer — which we call a firkin — is known as ‘real ale,’” said Steamworks Brewer Spencer Roper. “Cask conditioned ale is considered by many to be the genuine article: real beer for real people who appreciate quality, character and distinction.”

With the cask conditioning, the yeast transforms the sugar into alcohol within the cask, and the natural carbonation results from the trapped carbon dioxide occurring as a byproduct. The beer’s flavors and characters develop within the cask. Firkin beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered and served at cellar temperature — cool but not cold.

Steamworks Brewing Co., initiated its Firkin Fridays to introduce unusual, specialty craft beers to patrons, and augment its regular, award-winning offerings.

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