LIBRARY NEWS: Poignant Memoir by Local Author

Local author Elaine Taylor and her sister Julie Hanes (both are pen names) have written a book titled “Seasons of Insanity” about living with their older sister Jane (also not her real name), who is mentally ill. It is a poignant, powerful and painful family story, with no happy ending.

It is not an easy book to read – or, no doubt, to write. But it is a well-crafted story that will be deeply touching to many readers as you follow two girls going from childhood to adulthood trying to navigate the difficult and complex situation that Jane puts them in – especially after their mother dies and they are forced to take on more responsibility for their sick sister.

While it is natural to be sympathetic to Jane, one of her doctors called her “a great manipulator.” Even when Elaine and Julie were babies, Jane was cruel and abusive to them, physically and mentally. Her mother (a hoarder like Jane) enabled her nasty habits by saying Jane was just “different.” Jane’s behavior was so unpleasant that over time she was banned from virtually all the church, community, senior center and other groups she joined.

Leaving personalities aside, though, it is clear that the mental health system failed Jane and her whole family, offering little support or guidance from experienced professionals. Readers are likely to marvel at Elaine’s and Julie’s loyalty, generosity and kindness in keeping in touch with Jane across so many years and miles in the face of her ingratitude.

As Elaine wrote in the book, self-preservation becomes a goal as this untenable situation brings “cruel discord to your life.”

Julie put it this way: “When she [Jane] is stabilized, she is still weird. She needs our support, and we will be there for her as much as possible, but not to our detriment.”

Elaine said she and her sister decided to write the book and donate a copy to the Sisson Library with the thought that it might help others cope with mental illness in their families.

“We want them to know that you can’t fix the situation and you can’t feel guilty. You just have to go with it and do your best. Many families can’t put up with it. That’s why we have so many mentally ill people among the homeless.”

Elaine hopes the story of her family brings some comfort to others facing similar issues.

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