The Miracle of Plant-Sourced Minerals

By Caroline Lupe Alan

Minerals serve every function of the body. They’re what I refer to as metabolic ‘spark plugs.’ Every cellular function in the body relies on a mineral co-factor in order to fire. Fulvic and humic minerals are what all plants and animals on earth use at a cellular level to transport nutrients into the cells and toxins out the cells. They are the most powerful electrolytes known to man and without them every one of the approximately 37 trillion cells of the body have to work a lot harder to get what they need and get rid of what they don’t need.

According to George Redmon, PhD., ND, “Minerals . . .work in combination with enzymes, vitamins, hormones and other vital transport substances. Some minerals are co-factors for enzymes, which are catalysts for every reaction that occurs in the body. Many of these minerals participate in nerve transmission; muscle contraction; the maintenance of cell permeability, tissue rigidity and structure, and acid-base [pH] balance; blood formation; fluid regulation and movement across cell membranes; protein metabolism; and energy production.”

When I was a teenager, I took my parent’s car out one day to run errands. After I had been out for an hour or so I noticed the car wasn’t running well. It was shimmying, sputtering, and accelerating slowly after stop lights and I couldn’t get much speed.

I stopped at a mechanic’s shop for help. After listening to me describe the symptoms and taking a look under the hood, the service man informed me that two of the spark plugs had ‘fouled out.’ He explained that the symptoms I’d experienced while driving were a result of two of the car’s four spark plugs not firing. Once he replaced the two faulty spark plugs, voila, like magic, the car was good as new.

As I have studied the way that minerals work in the body, I remembered this car incident and realized how similar that ‘fouled out’ spark plug experience was to the way the human body struggles to function when it does not have the minerals it needs. Just like my car, the body ‘keeps running’, but not at peak performance. We may have symptoms and think that those symptoms are the main issues, when in fact, they are simply indicators of a deeper need. The body’s cells are ‘fouling out’ and we’re not firing on all cylinders.

When the body experiences mineral deficiency over a long period of time symptoms of physical stress and even deterioration will occur. That continual stress can cause chronic conditions and a decline in overall health. For some, the decline may be slow, for others, it can be alarmingly rapid.

Yet just like my parents’ car ‘recovered’ when the mechanic replaced the two spark plugs, the body can recover when given the proper raw materials in the form of bio-available, plant- sourced fulvic and humic minerals.

I began taking liquid plant-sourced fulvic and humic minerals about 1 year ago. At that time I was suffering from several chronic conditions including low thyroid, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, inflammation in my mouth, sleep issues, low energy and general lack of bandwidth to meet life. I started taking the minerals. After 2 months I hadn’t noticed any huge changes, but I went to my dentist for some dental work and when she looked in my mouth she exclaimed, “What has changed? The pH in your mouth is totally different.”

I had to think a minute, then I told her that the only thing that had changed was that I had started taking these liquid fulvic and humic minerals. She told me there was a visible difference in the inflammation and coating on my tongue. For about 10 years, I have struggled with deep pockets of inflammation in my gums and the X-rays have shown that I was experiencing some bone loss. These deep pockets, when measured by the dentist, had been unchanged at 5-6mm for about 4 years. When I returned 2 months later for my regular cleaning, my dental hygienist measured my gums and couldn’t find any pockets deeper than 2 ½!!! My dentist was over the moon excited at my progress. The only thing that I was doing differently was taking my minerals daily.

Since that time many other things have changed for the better with my health. I sleep through the night (I used to wake 3-4 times a night), I don’t crave carbs or sugar, blood tests of my adrenals show marked improvement, I don’t have hypoglycemic symptoms, I have energy throughout the day and even my thyroid function has improved.

Giving my body the cellular support it needed, via mineral supplementation, has been like giving it the full set of spark plugs it needs. The chronic conditions I have dealt with for years are clearing up. My nervous system is relaxing and I have more energy and excitement to meet life. I never would have imagined that so many of the physical, mental and even emotional issues I was experiencing were related to a mineral deficiency. Amazing!

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