Animal Advocate of the Year Named at ‘Bark & Wine’ Fundraiser Gala

By Emily Phillips

La Plata County Humane Society (LPCHS) announced the recipient of the 2017 Animal Advocate of the Year, Paula Woerner, Owner and Director of Wolfwood Refuge. The award was announced at the LPCHS annual fundraiser, the Bark and Wine event, held at the Doubletree Hotel October 28.

Wolfwood Refuge is a wolf and wolf-hybrid sanctuary, which began in 1995 when Paula rescued her first wolf, Winslow.

Wolfwood is a wonderful sanctuary of wolf-habitat enclosures, located in Ignacio, Colorado. Paula and her amazing team of volunteers have taken in wolves and wolf-hybrids from all over the country, including the “Alaska 9” pack. Currently, 60 animals call Wolfwood home and each lives in a habitat suitable to their individual needs; although no animal lives alone. Many of the animals arrive with injuries and behavioral issues, which are treated and rehabilitated. All of the residents of Wolfwood live out their lives in a peaceful and beautiful refuge.

The incredible work done on behalf of wolves, as well as Paula’s natural teaching abilities, have made Wolfwood truly a must-visit animal sanctuary. Paula does provide tours at no-cost to visitors, and is a wonderful community partner, working with other non-profits in our region. As she never charges fees for visitors to Wolfwood, the sanctuary is supported through generous donations from many supporters.

“We were so honored to present the 2017 Animal Advocate of the Year to Paula Woerner. Wolfwood is the result of Paula’s deep passion and determination to care for wolves and wolf-hybrids from all over the country. Her commitment to our community, our youth, and to educating all of us about wolves is invaluable. She is a true hero to all of the animals who come into her care.” – Michelle Featheringill, Executive Director.

Funds raised at this year’s Bark and Wine event will support LPCHS’s ongoing work on behalf of animals who come into the Shelter’s care with medical and behavioral issues requiring rehabilitation. LPCHS continues to be a community resource by providing education, school programs, supporting animals and pet owner’s in-need, and providing affordable veterinary care.

Emily Phillips is Marketing & Development Coordinator for the La Plata County Humane Society.


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