LETTER: My Positive Dance Experience

The experience that I had learning dance as a Cindy’s Dance scholarship recipient through Curtains up Pagosa with Casey Crow was amazing. I got to learn so many new techniques and expand the types of dance that I know. All of us as a team were super supportive of one another, and Casey made it feel like it was a safe environment.

Casey is a wonderful teacher and helped me completely understand the moves we were learning. Even when you thought you were messing up, Casey and the classmates would help you through it and made the experience so much easier. The overall experience was such a blessing because it helped me grow as an actor and dancer. My love of music also grew stronger. I am going to be able to take these new found skills to the stage and use it to help me portray characters better.

All I can say to the students that will be doing this next, is that they will have tons of fun. While it may seem daunting and difficult at times, with practice and repetition it does get easier. The end result was totally worth it and really will pay off.

Even if you think that you can’t dance very well, no one will judge you and everyone is supportive. You will also be able to learn something new everyday that you can bring with you anywhere. The dance classes with Casey were amazing and a wonderful experience!

Emma Happ
Pagosa Springs CO


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