Republican Women’s Luncheon to Host Republican Chair Jeff Hays

By Julie Church

ACRW is looking forward to having Jeff Hays, Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party speak on Tuesday, October 10 at our monthly meeting. What is going on within the Republican Party? How do we unify once again to get conservative candidates elected and able to do their jobs?

Jeff Hays was elected to a two-year term as chairman of the Colorado Republican Party in April 2017. Before being elected as chair of the Republican Party, Mr. Hays served two terms as party chair for El Paso County, the largest district in Colorado.

Mr. Hays is a conservative, and a 21 year veteran who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his time in the Air Force, as an Aerospace Physiologist, Hays commanded a flight of Air Force personnel responsible for water and land survival training,

After serving our country Jeff Hays went on to a successful private sector career as a Management Consultant. Jeff was also kicking consultant to the Denver Broncos.

We are looking forward to hearing Hay’s strategy for keeping Colorado republicans in office and adding more to our numbers. How do we win seats in such a divisive climate? After quite a controversy over this last Presidential election, what should Colorado do about our primaries and caucus systems?

Please join us on October 10 at Hogg’s Breath at 12:00noon. Lunch will be available for $12.00. We hope to see you there.


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