LETTER: Remembering the False Flag Attack on September 11

As the anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaches, I reflect on the destruction of the American Dream. Here in Pagosa and around the country people prepare to celebrate and remember 9/11. If you read the foundation document for the New American Century, influential people in this country actually believed we needed a new Pearl Harbor type event on American soil, to change our government and get the American people to accept Fascist Totalitarian rule.

9/11 was the New Pearl Harbor event and it was planned at least beginning in 1997 with the goal of establishment of all-out Corporate Governance by the Deep State. Speaking truth to those in power has never been politically correct but is still the truth nonetheless.

I have to reflect on my dad describing what it was like walking the streets of Tokyo after the Americans had landed during WWII. War crimes are the actual history of the corporate United States of America and the continued expansion of empire. Some very big and very sinister things are planned for the people of this country. Why does every agency in this country now have a paramilitary component? Look at the military response by government agencies to civil disputes in Bunkersville, Nevada in 2014 and in Malhuer County, Oregon in 2016.

One need only read the inscriptions on the Georgia Stones and do a small investigation into FEMA Camps that have been constructed around the country.

War is coming to a town near you, very soon. 9/11 was the first open attack, and still we sleep.

Greg Giehl
Pagosa Springs


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