Audubon Training Starts This Morning at Community Center

By Keith Bruno

Pagosa residents are invited to join Audubon Rockies’ Environmental Education Team.

Do you enjoy handing down your passion for the natural world to younger generations? At the Terry and Jake Hershey Four Mile Ranch, the students of Pagosa Springs explore the wonders of our local ecology. Our programs are 100% powered by volunteer participation. Please join us this September and October and lead a group of eager minds on a hike through the changing colors of fall cottonwood stands and sweet smells of upland pine.

If interested in involvement, join the free Audubon Rockies Volunteer Educator training series for the following 3 days, beginning this morning:

September 6 (today, Wednesday): 8:30am-12:30pm at The Ross Aragon Community Center Arts and Crafts Room, Pagosa Springs, for program introduction.

September 7 and 8 (Thursday and Friday): 8:30am-3:30pm at the Hershey/Four Mile Ranch on Snowball Road for field activities

Come on over and join us! Feel free to email Keith Bruno with questions at or contact me by phone at (503)729-8196 with last minute interest.

Directions to Four Mile Ranch:

From US HWY 160 in downtown Pagosa Springs, turn north on 2nd street (at US Forest Service office). This road is CR 200 (also known as Snowball Road). After about 1 mile, the road takes two sharp turns and the surface changes from pavement to dirt. After a total of 4 miles, the road passes under a “Four Mile Ranch” sign. Continue for 1 more mile after the ranch sign to a large corral and barns on the left side of the road and look for a turn on the right 1/4 mile past the grey Guest House. These signs on your right (black and yellow “No Trespassing” signs) will direct you down the dirt road to our meeting location. We’ll park down by the cabins.

The road down to the cabins is rough, narrow, steep, and rocky in places. Most cars can negotiate getting down, allowing that they have high clearance. If you don’t wish to “test your vehicle”, feel free to park in a spot by the grey Guest House up above and walk down, allowing you’re not blocking any driveways.


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