Update on Construction Closures in Downtown Pagosa

Two important infrastructure improvements in downtown Pagosa Springs will begin next week, following the Labor Day weekend — and businesses is the construction areas will remain ‘open for business…’

Hot Springs Blvd.
Beginning Tuesday, September 5, downtown Pagosa Springs will experience several construction projects. As the Town has noted through the various media outlets, there will be a road construction project at the intersection of Hwy 160 and Hot Springs Blvd. to San Juan St. that could last up to 90 days. At this time, residents and visitors should be familiar with alternative routes to those businesses located on Hot Springs Blvd. which are all open. These businesses include the Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce, Healing Waters Resort & Spa, The Springs Resort, Quality Inn and Rez Hill Grill, Bank of the San Juans, the Post Office, the Ross Aragon Community Center and the Pagosa Springs Town Hall.

Since 8th St. will still be closed, travel to Hot Springs Blvd should be accessed by S. 6th St. to Apache Blvd. to the south part of Hot Springs Blvd. If coming into town from Hwy 84, access Hot Springs Blvd. by traveling Light Plant Road/CR 119 to the south part of Hot Springs Blvd.

During this time there will also be several events occurring in Town Park. The Catholic Community Parish Picnic on Sunday, September 10; ColorFest – September 15-16 and the Mountain Chile Cha Cha on Saturday, September 30. Hermosa St. where the events will be occurring will be open. Access to the events should occur via S. 2nd St. to Hermosa. All parking lots will be open. Attendees can also park on San Juan St. at Mary Fisher Park by accessing 6th St. to Apache to Hot Springs Blvd. and then walking over the Town Park pedestrian bridge. One more event access alternative is to park on Hwy 160 or Lewis St. and access the Riverwalk via the walkways just south of the pocket park at the corner of Hot Springs Blvd. and Hwy 160.

The Overlook
Also beginning on Tuesday, September 5 will be the expansion and construction of a new structure at the Overlook which is at the west end of the “One-Way” near Tequila’s Restaurant. At this time, the Riverwalk will be closed from the accessible ramp to near the pedestrian bridge. The “One Way” will be open and parking available although traffic will be redirected back out onto Hwy 160 instead of Hot Springs Blvd. Businesses near the Overlook will also be open including Tequila’s, River Pointe Coffee House and Jim Smith Realty. This construction project is also expected to last up to 90 days.

During this construction time it is important to show support of those businesses along the construction route. While it may not be the fastest or most direct way to the businesses, access to the business community via 6th and Apache is still very easy. All community members should know the fastest way to access these businesses and should visitors inquire, direct them accordingly.

We should support the construction area businesses to the best of our ability – THEY ARE NOT CLOSED – only the normal access the businesses will be closed.

The Chamber will have directions and a map on our website home page and the ColorFest event page, www.pagosachamber.com on how to access the events and construction businesses. Please feel free to direct people to this website or print the directions and maps out for your guests.

Mary Jo Coulehan

Mary Jo Coulehan is Executive Director of the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, and also serves on a number of local and state boards.