Did This Dog Save a Life?

By Michelle Tennant

Jessi’s boyfriend was always the life of the party. They talked about getting married, building their lives together. His suicide cast her suddenly into the darkest period of her life. Anxiety, isolation, sleeplessness, and self-doubt immobilized her, and propelled her into a downward spiral of depression.

She started looking at adoptable shelter dogs online to take her mind off her problems, and came upon the photo of Andi, an 8-month-old puppy at a local shelter. Jessi thought Andi was “one of the most pitiful dogs I’d ever seen. She looked how I felt, and I felt a connection with her through that very sad photo.”

She knew adopting Andi was what she needed to do.

Thanks to Andi’s playful spirit and unconditional love, Jessi slowly became more active and began to reconnect to life again. Now, the two go on regular hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They enjoy meeting new people and relish in the new life they’ve created together.

Set against the majestic Colorado Rockies, the new film “Jessi & Andi” is the uplifting Mutual Rescue story of two lost souls sharing a journey, bringing them both back into the light.

“I truly don’t know if I would be sitting here today if I had not adopted Andi,” Jessi says. “I really think that she saved my life.”

The film launches on August 30, 2017… and September is Suicide Prevention Month.

“Jessi & Andi” is the fifth film by Mutual Rescue and the fourth of the latest series launched in partnership with PetSmart Charities this year.Mutual Rescue’s first film, “Eric & Peety” premiered in February 2016 and has since been viewed more than 90 million times.

To learn more about Mutual Rescue, visit www.MutualRescue.org.


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