Learning to Love Insects

By Al Pfister

Bugs. We are quick to squish them, without thinking about the ways they might help us.

Perhaps you wish you knew which insects provide life-giving benefits within our awesome surroundings… be it in your garden, on the trail, or along the San Juan River…

That Lifelong Learning opportunity is at your fingertips.

This Saturday, August 12, the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) is sponsoring “Entomology of a Healthy River”. The Workshop will be at the GGP amphitheater in Pagosa Springs Centennial Park from 10am to 3pm. Your participation in the workshop will help you gain an understanding of:

The role of pollinating insects (other pollinators too);

Planting to attract those pollinators;

Beneficial insects compared to pests in your garden;

An introduction to fly-fishing and which insects you are trying to use to tempt that fish lurking in the water to the end of your fishing line.

Participants will also join in on a release of two beneficial insects, ladybugs and lacewings, at the Education Dome. Come learn how insects, and other pollinators, enhance our lives — be it through the honey produced by honeybees or admiring the incredible migration of monarch butterflies. Insect pollinators are responsible for about a third of the food we eat, particularly a lot of our fruits and veggies! These pollinators need human intervention in order to survive, so come learn how you can provide a win-win for people and pollinators alike.

A box lunch by Pagosa Baking Company is provided with each registration, during which you can enjoy a pop-up concert with Monte Stewart. GGP members pay only $20 for this half-day experience and nonmembers pay $40. Annual membership in the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership is only $25 and all workshops are discounted for members.

All proceeds for GGP’s Lifelong Learning Workshops benefit the nonprofit’s educational programming for all ages. Go to Pagosagreen.org to register for the workshop or become a member today. Registration will be available at the Workshop.

Visit Pagosagreen.org for more information about educational opportunities and special events associated the GGP.


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