Australian Astronomer to Present Research on Galactic Evolution

By Joan Mieritz

The Chimney Rock Interpretive Association and the San Juan Stargazers are pleased with the visit from Australian Astronomer, Dr. Andrew Green who will be giving his second talk, free and open to the public on August 15. He is in America to visit his mother, Nancy Green, a long-time CRIA member — and to see the August 21 Solar Eclipse. He will speak at a special meeting on Tuesday, August 15, at 7pm at 390 Boulder Drive (the Remax Building in Aspen Village.)

His last talk was wonderful and very well attended. After it, I spent hours on the Internet studying more about what I learned. He makes Astronomy seem easy to understand which makes you want to learn more.

This time he will share his research on galaxy evolution which he does at the Australian Astronomical Observatory near Sydney. Galaxies change and grow which is called their evolution. They are like people in that each one is unique. Just knowing the subject opens dozens of questions in my mind. Having heard Andy speak, I know he will make it understandable and enjoyable. There will also be an opportunity to ask him about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Astronomy. Andy has a special way of making his answers easy to understand. Don’t miss this great learning experience.

The August 21 Solar Eclipse is almost here. This may be a once in a life-time opportunity. There will be about 80% of totality in Pagosa. Chimney Rock will have a memorable program (including glasses), that day; before, during and after the eclipse. (Reservations required.)

In addition, the San Juan Stargazers are distributing special viewing glasses that are absolutely necessary for safe viewing without permanent eye damage, available to the public for free or a donation to our scholarship fund. You will be able to pick up glasses on August 15, and at the Ruby Sisson Library. Get them soon because there is a limited supply and they are absolutely necessary for safe viewing without permanent eye damage. NOT AN EXAGGERATION! Seriously, do not damage your eyes by neglecting to use eye protection.
There are only three more Star Parties at Chimney Rock this summer. On August 18, (6PM) and September 22, (5PM), there will be Stars and Galaxies Programs and Viewing. On September 1, (5:30PM), which is Labor Day Week-end will be the last Solar System Program and Viewing including our Moon. Don’t have to wait another year for these wonderful opportunities.

The San Juan Stargazers are part of the Astronomical League, which includes clubs all over the U.S. We have a web-site, as well as an email address, and a club phone number 335-8286.
We encourage anyone interested in learning more about our amazing universe to come to our events.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can get tips for photographing the eclipse using your iPhone or digital camera, at this ABC News website.


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