Luminosity Talks to Consider ‘The Consciousness Initiative’

On Sunday August 13, Luminosity Talks will present a lecture by Niara Terela Isley entitled, ‘The Consciousness Initiative.’ Following are some of the fascinating concepts Ms. Isley will address:

As we know from the film, What the Bleep Do We Know? and Michael Talbot’s much earlier landmark book, The Holographic Universe, our collective consciousness creates the reality we wake up to each day.

It’s time to understand how elite programming – that I feel began with service-to-self extraterrestrials or extra-dimensionals over perhaps hundreds of thousands of years, all the way back to pre-Atlantean times – has shaped our collective unconsciousness, that has in turn shaped the world we see around us. On a conscious level, many of us wish we could opt out of this current matrix reality. These elites know the deep esoterica about human collective consciousness and it’s potential and have been doing their level best for a very long time to keep our consciousness, in it’s unconscious state, spinning out a version of reality that works for them and keeps us subject to them. It’s a con job, and down through time it’s been violently enforced. Every time consciousness begins to rise, the powers that be have stepped in to put it back down and to make people afraid of showing any expanded consciousness abilities at all. The Spanish Inquisition is one well-known example.

We human beings don’t understand that we have opted into this reality at an unconscious/subconscious level. I hope to give a set of guidelines on how to look at all of this subtle – and not so subtle – programming in a new way and join together with like-minded others to create a new world. People who are weary of the politics of control and destruction are growing in ever greater numbers each day. There are many people already doing this type of intentional work, but most are doing it from within the current “matrix” reality.

With no new positive direction, and from a disconnected, polarized and divided human field of consciousness, we are a world in peril, with so much falling apart before our eyes.

What I suggest is that we – humanity – come together and create the energetic template for a new reality, an entirely new Matrix of Love, Compassion and Wholeness. To me, wholeness means all parts of a larger whole working together synergistically for both the benefit of each individual and the benefit of the whole. As we watch the old matrix reality imploding from all the lies, heinous acts, manipulation, control and wars fought for no other reason than to create chaos and suffering, we have an incredible opportunity at this time in human history on this world.

Teilhard de Chardin spoke of a global field of human thought or consciousness in his concept of the “Noosphere.” Carl Jung brought forth his idea of “the collective unconscious,” finding similar archetypes and symbolism across many different human cultures throughout the world. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by working on this kind of powerful intention process. It’s similar to law of attraction endeavors, except for learning to look at scary information coming our way in a new and productive way – using it to reveal the subconscious material we hold onto somewhere deep in our psyche that we need to let go of to bring more power and focus to our intent. This is the other side of the law of attraction that is rarely taught or touched upon – the necessity of looking at what we hold in our subconscious that, more often than not, sabotages our manifestation efforts.

I hope you will join us at Luminosity Talks on Sunday August 13 at 3pm, at the PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave. Pagosa Springs.