UU Fellowship to Consider ‘Lughnasadh: Celtic Harvest Festival’

The Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship invites you to attend a service titled “First Harvest: Lughnasadh – Lammas – The Celtic Harvest Festival,” with Cecelia Norman, this Sunday, August 6.

Lughnasadh (Christianized as Lammas; “Lammas” is an Old English word meaning ‘Loaf Mass’) celebrates the first harvesting of crops, the first of three harvest festivals in the first week of August, nearest the full moon. The Earth yields up Her first gifts to us… a blessing from the Mother and the product of our human hands. It is a time to celebrate the fruitfulness of the Earth and fruits of our labors. We have sown and nurtured, and now we are reaping the benefits in rhythm with the Earth.

Corn, grains and berries are of particular significance at this holiday. Traditionally, the newly harvested grain is made into bread, is blessed and shared with all in this celebration. We celebrate and partake in the fullness of the Earth while beginning to make provision for the cold months, the “dark days” ahead, physically and spiritually. Artisan bread, fresh butter and berries will be offered after the service for all to share in the celebration of our tangible and intangible fruits of our First Harvests.

In an open circle of sharing, we will explore such questions as “What are my talents? What are my skills? How do I express my creativity? How do I use my abilities to re-craft my world, to add beauty, color, richness?” Whatever our talents or abilities, this is a time to recognize them and honor them and to share our recognition of the talents and abilities of others around 
us. If you have had an interest or urge to develop a particular skill or creative outlet, now might be the time to make a pledge or commitment to yourself to pursue your interest. By offering the fruits of our labors back to the Universe, we enrich both ourselves and our world.

Bring donations for our local food pantry to make a tangible offering.

As a psychiatric and hospice nurse for 33 years in Texas and yoga studio owner and teacher of Heart and Soul Yoga and Wellness for more than 15 years, Cecelia Norman has multilayered experience with the inner and outer struggles of human suffering, always seeking the natural vinyasa, or flow of life: balance, harmony and childlike delight. She’s explored a variety of spiritual teachings alone and with some of the “greats,” such as Pema Chodron, but her 2 grown children, grandson, yoga students and her dog Sophie have always been her greatest teachers. Norman has offered private and group sessions in a variety of styles of yoga, meditation, energetic healing and holistic wellness, including sacred yoga dance, prenatal yoga, women’s workshops and retreats, chakra healing, Reiki, healing touch, sound yoga, and Thai yoga massage. Her favorite spiritual practice is being out in nature: hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, road tripping, creating Soul Fusion dimensional artwork and just being in her new (as of June 2016) hometown of Pagosa Springs.

This program reflects the Unitarian Universalist principles of “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning” and “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

The Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a caring, inclusive fellowship dedicated to spiritual growth, justice and serving the needs of our larger community. As a Welcoming Congregation, we invite everyone to share in our faith community. We cherish diversity and foster a safe environment for all.

Enjoy refreshments and conversation after services, which are held Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in Unit B-15 of the Greenbriar Plaza. From North Pagosa Boulevard, turn onto Park Avenue, then turn into the Greenbriar Plaza, drive to the east side of the parking lot and look for the Unitarian Universalist sign, facing north.

For further information, see pagosauu.org or call 731-7900.


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