Fire District Tips for a More Enjoyable August

August is an enjoyable time in Pagosa Springs with warm summer days and the first feel of fall in the air at night. Remember the following tips to make the most out of the fading summer days.

Bicycle Safety
Always remember to wear a helmet while riding your bike. Ensure the helmet fits snuggly and the chin strap is secure. Learn and use hand signals when riding on roadways so drivers are aware of your intentions. Wearing a reflective safety vest is recommended when riding in the evening.

Cooking with Kids
Give children age-appropriate tasks while working in the kitchen. Young children should be given tasks away from cooking surfaces while older children can use the oven and stove with supervision. Never leave children unsupervised in the kitchen.

Back to School
It’s almost time for school to start again. Be aware of children walking and biking along roadways. Slow down while driving in school zones. Always obey driving laws regarding school buses – come to a complete stop whenever a bus has red flashing lights and the stop sign out.


Megan Macht

Megan Macht is Public Information Officer for the Pagosa Fire Protection District.