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Over the last century, our relationship to the American Medical Care Systems changed, We have been led to believe in this system as “healthcare”. In most cases of general well being, this is a misnomer, to be realistic, it is sick care. In this five part series we will discover the how, why and what to do about developing a new relationship with medicine and wellness, and what we are so tired of…

Nobody goes to the doctor because they are “well.” The U.S. population spends upwards of $3.2 TRILLION (averaging $9,990 per person) per year on “healthcare”, while being 34th in the world ranking of healthiest countries. How is it that we — the world’s most technologically advanced country — spend the most at the doctor, yet rank behind countries like Cuba and Lebanon? Quite simply, the U.S. has under educated and over programmed us to place our wellbeing in its hands putting more value on the financial bottom line than our citizen’s health.

Environmental and Food Allergies

By 1999, 95% of all commercially produced crops were using thousands of tons of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This destroys the nutritional quality of our foods. Have you ever eaten vegetables grown in your own garden or from a farmer’s market vs. those at the supermarket? The homegrown veggies are often much smaller, not as perfectly beautiful but much more flavorful, colorful, and nutritious! Why?

Yielding less, smaller crops do not meet the bottom line with the food giants of America. Their motivation is to produce quantity, not quality food. In order to do this, these companies add poison chemicals to the to improve the growth, reduce pests and manipulate mutations.

Our bodies ability to detoxify these increasingly overused chemicals and neutralize the other substance, free radicals, has declined with the quality of our foods. This struggling process of detoxification requires extra vitamins, minerals, and proteins from our diet. Our ability to perform basic functions as tissue repair, protein synthesis, and metabolic function, creating energy, is greatly impaired.

Parasites, bacteria, and viruses
Let’s face it, these little bugs are part of our environment. We come into contact with them each and every day, but we don’t get sick everyday, this is what our immune system does for us. For this reason, we want our immune system to be in the best shape possible. We must give it all the ingredients it needs to make more immune cells and to function optimally. We always want our immune system to be two steps ahead of the bugs. It’s the day that we are stressed out, late for work, grabbed some fast food (not food), that we “catch a cold” because our immune system got overwhelmed.

We probably came into contact with the same amount of bugs the day before, but our immune system didn’t have the same challenges the day before. Additionally, once we come into contact with a virus, it remains in our body. Our immune system keeps it suppressed to protect us. Those afflicted with fever blisters (Herpes virus) know this all too well. When they get stressed out that fever blister will present itself. How do we protect our immune system?

Nutritional deficiencies
So much of our food supply is full of toxins and lacks nutrition. The food industry’s answer: to “fortify” with synthetic vitamins and minerals. More chemicals! This is not nutrition. Walk down any major grocery store chip or cereal isle. There are more vitamins and minerals there than in the produce section.

These are not usable (bioavailable) to the body because the are actually chemically reproduced in a laboratory. They body doesn’t recognize it as food. Not only is our food supply extremely nutrient deficient, the majority of American’s (90%) have digestive disorders which don’t allow them to absorb the nutrition from their food. It is overwhelming how many of our female patient’s state that they have been constipated most of their life. They think it’s NORMAL!

Often, there is not enough stomach acid to start the digestive process. If the pH is not low enough, around 1-2, then the proteins cannot be digested in the stomach. This large mass of food then leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine. In a normal situation, this is where chemical signals get sent to the pancreas to tell it to release the digestive enzymes so the carbohydrates can be digested.

So what does the body do? It stores this undigested food as fat. In the meantime, your stomach is still sending hunger messages to the brain that it didn’t get fed today, since lunch is still stuck in your intestines! Pagosa Wellness specializes in nutritional medicine, utilizing ancient traditions and modern wisdom to fight disease using food as medicine.

Adrenal glands: your get up and go, got up and went
The adrenal glands produce epinephrine or norepinephrine, better known as adrenaline. That’s the rush you feel when you ride a rollercoaster or just barely avoid an accident. But it’s also produced in lesser amounts in our day to day activities. If you’ve ever experienced a “second wind’ later in the day, suddenly getting a small burst of energy, it is when your blood sugar drops too low and your adrenal system has to activate what known as “gluconeogenesis.”

This is when the glucose (sugar) is pulled from stores in the liver and muscles to bring the blood sugar back to normal (homeostasis). No problem if you are awake, but think about when you are asleep and this happens. Suddenly you find yourself wide awake at about 3am and can’t get back to sleep. This is because the adrenals have been stimulated. Balancing your diet and supplementing your deficiencies with custom fit herbal and mineral remedies will strengthen your adrenal system and conduct a new energy system.

Your Thyroid
Like the conductor of an orchestra, the thyroid keeps our bodies humming along in tune. It Is often called the ”master gland”, as it sets the tempo for normal energy production. A healthy thyroid allows the cells in the body to be active and for the body to operate efficiently with good energy levels. When the thyroid is unhealthy, one might experience symptoms like brain fog, low energy, difficulty losing or gaining weight, bruising easily, more than usual hair loss, or difficulty maintaining a constant temperature.

Ladies, those hot flashes are coming from your thyroid. It’s the thermostat of our bodies. Think of those women who can eat anything they want and never gain weight, their thermostat is set on 90 and they burn thru calories much faster than someone who’s thermostat is set on 65. The cause of low thyroid function is most often a simple iodine mineral deficiency. In fact low thyroid was such an epidemic in America in the 1930s that the government required the table salt to be iodized. Strange as it may seem (or not) in the 1980s high blood pressure became an issue, so it was believed that too much salt was the culprit. Everyone quit eating salt. Today, hypothyroidism has become on epidemic again with thyroid medications being one of the top medications prescribed in this country. Imagine that.


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