LETTER: Support for More Sensible Radon Policies

I have enjoyed Daily Post editor Bill Hudson’s recent article on radon. (EDITORIAL: Radon, for Your Health… Part One.)

I’ve done my own research and can tell you without question, the entire radon industry — and that’s what it has become — is one giant scam that has evolved over some terrible projections by the EPA, as Mr. Hudson has documented. By the EPA’s own admission in other research papers, not a single instance of radon induced illness has ever been reported. Ever. It’s a solution looking for a problem.

Even if it were the problem the proponents would like to scare you into believing, a simple $20 exhaust fan, run during the winter, is all that’s needed and that would only be for homes, like my own, built over an open crawl space. Last time I looked, gas does not permeate through a concrete slab either. The original EPA reports were built upon flawed data created by flawed equipment. One of the major mining companies had a very expensive study done in an area in which radon may have been an issue (a high concentration deep in a tunnel). When they discovered the type of detection instruments the contractor was using, they booted him out and refused to pay him, so useless were the monitoring instruments — and they knew it. This is the same type of instruments used by “radon professionals” — which technically do not even test for radon directly, and are so inaccurate that one day to the next the readings vary enough so as to be meaningless. You’d get more benefit using the detectors for ghosts used in Ghost Busters.

There’s a great video series by a scientist on Youtube who explains, in detail, this travesty of science.

Thanks to Mr. Hudson for bringing this up.

Now, on to writing about the foolish practice of controlled burning…

Scott Tonges
Pagosa Springs


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