When I was visiting Kendrick, Idaho, we brought together people from across five counties. I got to listen to a lot of great ideas as we walked around the downtown and brainstormed.

Jessica really wants to see a brewery open in her town, but she doesn’t want to open it herself. She’s been going around telling her friends, “Hey, you ought to open a brewery!” It hasn’t worked yet.

Why not start a home brew club? Bring together people who are interested in beer, people who like to brew beer. Get them in the same place, let them share ideas and just talk. I’m betting a brewery will come out of that.

Joe, who works for the local internet provider, wants to see a high-tech event, like a big Virtual Reality experience festival. Same idea applies. Start a VR club. Get your own VR kit, and invite your friends to join you for a beer and to try the latest VR experience you’ve found online. Get together again with more friends, more kit, and a new experience you’ve found. Soon enough, you’ll have the makings of a big VR event.

Gather Your Crowd. It’s part of the Idea Friendly framework. When you attract the people who are interested in the topic, they’ll be the ones who take action. When you get the crowd together in the same space, they draw energy from each other. It builds up excitement and gathers even more people.

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

The more you pack excited, like-minded people together, the more they’ll draw others in as well.


Becky McCray

Becky McCray writes about small business and rural issues, based on her own successes and failures. She and her husband own a small town retail liquor store and cattle ranch.  Learn more at her website.