Fire District Reminds You to Have a Safe July

Summertime is in full swing here in Pagosa Country! Take some time to prepare for your outdoor activities to ensure you have a great day!

Stay Hydrated
At over 7,000 feet, the Pagosa area is a spectacular place to be. Always be aware that the altitude can have adverse effects if you are not prepared. Staying hydrated is a good way to prevent the onset of the ill effects of the altitude. Since we enjoy a much cooler climate than some surrounding areas, we can become complacent when it comes to hydration.

Stay aware of fire danger
During the summer months, fire danger can change rapidly. Before lighting a cooking fire or campfire, check to make sure there are no fire restrictions in place. Check for the current restrictions on Even without restrictions in place, always have a water source available to extinguish your fire.

Be a considerate driver
Locals and tourists alike crowd the highways, side streets and back roads during the summer months. Large vehicles such as trucks towing camping trailers and RVs move slower than smaller vehicles and need extra braking time to reach a complete stop. Allow safe traveling distance between vehicles, only pass in designated areas, follow posted speed limits and anticipate more travel time that normal to get to your destination.

Always remember to buckle up and verify that all passengers have done the same before putting your vehicle into drive.


Megan Macht

Megan Macht is Public Information Officer for the Pagosa Fire Protection District.