Pagosa Peak Open School Wins $38,000 Walton Foundation Grant

The Walton Family Foundation has awarded Archuleta School District’s new charter school, Pagosa Peak Open School, a start-up grant in the amount of $38,000.

The purpose of the grant is to support a wellness program and free and reduced lunch support, responsive classroom and love and logic staff training, charter-district collaboration on place-based learning platforms for all students, and start-up contracts for key implementation personnel in Special Education/ELL, early childhood literacy, wellness, and school leadership.

Pagosa Peak is a tuition-free public school authorized through the Archuleta School District, scheduled to open this coming September serving grades K-4. The curriculum is based on an innovative blending of Project-Based Learning and “Place-Based Education. A few enrollment openings are still available for the combined 3rd and 4th grade class.

For more information about the grant or Pagosa Peak Open School, please contact James Lewicki, School Director, at


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