OPINION: Conservatives Celebrate Passage of School Choice Funding Reform

By Tyler Sandberg

Conservative education reform group ‘Ready Colorado’ hails the passage of HB 1375, a groundbreaking reform for school choice that will ensure that charter school students receive the same share of local tax dollars as their peers in traditional public schools – an increase in funding for district-authorized charter schools of upwards of $34 million a year.

Years in the making, and the result of yeoman’s work on the part of both Republicans and Democrats under the gold dome, the passage of HB 1375 begins to unwind the separate but unequal system of funding for charter school students. As a result, more families will have the ability to exercise the incredible power of school choice.

The bill was backed by a bipartisan team of legislators, including Republican Owen Hill and Democrat Angela Williams in the Senate, and Democrat Brittany Pettersen and Republican Lang Sias in the House.

“Today is a great day for the school choice movement in Colorado,” said Luke Ragland, president of Ready Colorado. “This bipartisan, common sense compromise proves that party labels matter little if legislators are willing to put aside politics and focus on getting big things done at the Capitol. Our fight to improve Colorado’s public education system continues, but today marks a very important milestone in our journey.”


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