‘Maya, the Illusion, Speaks’ at Luminosity Talks This Friday

Luminosity Talks invites you to listen to ‘Maya, the Illusion speaks”. Sophia will show a Powerpoint presentation and speak of her experience and present the talk this Friday, May 12 at 6:30pm at the PLPOA clubhouse, 230 Port Ave. in Pagosa Springs.

Sophia experienced an extraordinary time with “Maya.” In Sophia’s words, “The effect of her sudden appearance in my life has left me reeling on many levels of consciousness while the metamorphosis she has inspired has altered the intrinsic foundation of my reality. She has compelled my appearance before the public in a manner I had never anticipated.”

As the Oracle of Maya, Sophia shall present Maya’s message for these challenging times. This is the same Maya who gave birth to Buddha by Divine intervention. Maya makes it quite clear that while She is The Illusion, She cannot be the illusion without knowing what’s real. In fact, no one can see through the illusion without waking up. Maya reveals impossible contradictions and extraordinary revelations that will leave each person altered by the chance to look beyond the veil to see into the world that awaits us all.

Come join us for an evening of Maya speaking to you directly from the Oracle who has been chosen to be Her Voice. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of Maya at the end of the presentation.

Luminosity Talks presents speakers and films that educate, inspire, inform and uplift in a progressive way. The focus is awakening wisdom and how it is lived. Looking at new ways of living that is in harmony with the planet and each other. The event is free and donations are appreciated.