LETTER: Effective Solution Needed for County Roads

I have been an avid reader of Daily Post editor Bill Hudson’s articles since moving here to Pagosa.

Having driven on quite a few of our County roads, I have been amazed at the lack of maintenance. It has crossed my mind that some individuals would consider grooming roads themselves due to the horrible conditions and the damage it causes to personal vehicles.

What I have not seen is a plan to raise taxes or other financial proposal to fix our roads, just the “we have no money” slogan repeated over and over. While improving all roads in Pagosa Country cannot be done overnight, maintaining roads without improving them is not in our best interest. Grading and rolling dirt roads is what I consider busy work. It requires time and effort that simply does little more than pacify residents.

If gravel was introduced during this process, however, the road base could be improved and allow for better maintenance in the future. Maintaining poor roads only leaves us with poor roads. There has to be some common sense middle ground to make improvements to move forward rather than helplessly drift backwards.

Just adding my two cents, thanks for “listening.”

Pat White
Pagosa Springs, CO


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