Pagosa Fire Protection District Receives Grant from Walmart

Pagosa Fire Protection District is pleased to announce the approval of grant monies from the Walmart Communities Grants Team.

Fire District staff Randy Larson (left) and Cindy Liberton (right) receive a grant check from Walmart Manager Tyler Thieme.

A grant for the amount of $800 was awarded to provide gear tubs for volunteer firefighters. The workplace of firefighters has been undergoing a dramatic transformation over the last several years. Education regarding hazardous materials, especially exposure to carcinogens, has become a very real threat to the life safety of our members. Since our firefighters respond from their personal vehicles and carry their gear with them before and after an emergency response, the exposure is more real not only to them, but to their spouse, children and other passengers who will also be riding in the vehicles.

The containment of their gear in these plastic tubs will minimize the spreading of the hazardous materials while in the vehicle or any other place it may need to be stored. Our department has personal experience with carcinogen exposure and is very sensitive about keeping this from happening to other members.

The award letter stated: “At Walmart, we strongly believe in giving back and are proud to support organizations that improve communities where our customers and associates live and work.”


Megan Macht

Megan Macht is Public Information Officer for the Pagosa Fire Protection District.