Enhanced Chamber Benefit Package Announced

Pagosa Springs Chamber members receive benefits that promotes their businesses through name recognition and referrals, offers marketing opportunities, amenity and educational discounts, and have the voice of business represented at the various community and governmental interests. Chamber benefits are many and varied and members utilize the benefits that are important to them. It’s disheartening however, that many members do not know what even a fraction of their benefits are nor do they utilize them and are oftentimes leaving valuable money on the table.

Therefore, the Chamber is rolling out an enhanced benefit package that is created to fit the needs of the business. In the past the membership level was based on the number of employees in the organization. Except for an Advantage membership, the benefits remained the same no matter the number of employees. Do you utilize more benefits because you have more employees – probably not! Our Chamber is changing that methodology. Businesses can now select a basic membership level, which is chock full of benefits already, or build on the basic membership and add additional benefits that will help their organization. A la carte benefits can also added.

We are pleased that our basic membership now offers our businesses several opportunities to market themselves outside of our already popular Chamber print and online directories. The Chamber’s website is also being totally overhauled presenting a fresh, clean, uncluttered look with ease of navigation. In addition, we are encouraging businesses to post job openings on this new website and to also look for potential employees through our website. Depending on the investment level, a business can choose a Chamber sponsored educational and community event that they would like to sponsor. They can choose one of the many educational opportunities offered to send themselves or employees to attend for low or no cost. They can also choose a level that includes a yearly Business After Hours pass and passes to some of our popular events.

We encourage businesses to take this opportunity to look at an investment level where you can help your business, create more exposure and networking opportunities, and also utilize some of the Chamber benefits as employee incentives.

The Chamber will be mailing out invoices along with an explanation of the new program to all renewing members with a suggestion of the new benefit level for them. In no way are we cataloging the business, and if the business would like to discuss an alternative membership level, we encourage them to do so. In addition, now might be the time to attend one of the Maximizing Your Membership classes that the Chamber offers for free every month. The Chamber has been studying models of other organizations like ours and what they found works for and enhances business. Through this research, we created our own Membership Package with benefits that are important to our members.

The Chamber encourages our members to achieve collectively what could be difficult, individually. The Pagosa Springs Chamber wants to continue to remain relevant and offer services that keep us current in the business world. If you would like more information as a new business or a renewing member, please contact the Chamber offices at 264-2360 or visit us at 105 Hot Springs Blvd.


Mary Jo Coulehan

Mary Jo Coulehan is Executive Director of the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, and also serves on a number of local and state boards.