OPINION: Distant Threats to Our Imaginations

Here we are again with everybody all up-in-arms and fearful of a North Korea on the brink of going nuclear. The latest bizarreness emanating from the dictator with the bowl-cut is his lobbing a few missiles into the Sea of Japan to demonstrate his view of his military might. I tend to think it’s just an excuse on his part for his supreme boredom at presiding over a totally irrelevant little hellish piece of real estate that has nothing going for it beyond that such entertainment coming out of his demonstrably uncreative mind.

North Korea is just a sad little joke of a nation that has never amounted to anything and probably never will. It’s a totally failed state, lost in a 1930s time warp. It’s essentially a totalitarian penal-colony into which successive generations of North Koreans are simply born into, live, die, and know nothing different. In the annals of all of human history and national accomplishments, North Korea ranks last and they’re in no danger whatsoever in being surpassed in their economic, cultural, civic, and governmental ineptitude and national irrelevancy.

It is for these reasons that I’m always frustrated when the U.S. spends valuable time and resources on the North Korea situation under the aegis of it being some kind of national security threat. It isn’t. They aren’t.

The United States has spent untold billions of dollars in military and other resources to contain a North Korea that was never going anywhere in the first place.  We’ve stationed military personnel on its border for over 64 years now — this, after we initiated and failed to win the so-called Korean War. We’ve imposed draconian economic and resource sanctions upon them via the United Nations for all of these years, and nothing has changed.

We’ve fretted over their nuclear ambitions and after 9/11 we included them in the “Axis of Evil,” yet here they are — just as intractable and goofy and irrelevant as ever.

I have to give North Korea some credit for their persistence—I mean despite it all, they’ve got rudimentary nuclear and had great success at surviving within their backward, self-made, strange little hell of a society that they seem to cherish and gotten use to.

My point is simply that we’ve wasted so much time, effort, and resources on an utter irrelevancy. And now the powers at large (including the Trump Administration) are gaggling about their threat to us, etc., etc.

And two weeks ago it was Vladimir Putin and the nasty Russians who were the most dreaded and imminent danger to the United States and also our election systems.

And then before that, weaving in and out of the mainstream media narrative — usually on a cycle of about every third or fourth week — they say that Iran is the biggest threat to the United States and that they’re going nuclear, etc.  And interspersed with that narrative is the idea that ISIS is America’s gravest security threat and that they’re coming for us, etc.

And then we’ve got the narrative on the illegals swarming across our borders as the most dire American security threat, etc.

And then every once in a while, we get the Cuba narrative cycle that the Castros are out to get us (even though Fidel has cashed in his chips) and that they may be in cahoots with all of our other sworn mortal enemies, etc.

This demonstrably false narrative is now 68 years old.

And we’ve got the China narrative — as we know, they’re busy building sandcastles upon cruddy little islands and rock outcrops in the South China Sea (little land irrelevancies that nobody has ever cared two cents about) and putting men and materiel on them, and so (during this narrative cycle) China becomes the biggest threat to American security interests. Since Trump arrived, we’ve even got an aircraft carrier dispatched there to show those Commie Reds we mean business.

And you remember the little multi-year phase we went through when Hugo Chavez was still around and it was Venezuela that was the greatest hemispheric threat to America’s interests, and so on. Look what’s happened to Venezuela. It’s turned into a total failed state and an imploding human dump, and fast becoming another desperate refugee crisis in the making. To be honest with you, I miss Hugo—and I bet the Venezuelans do, too.

Does anybody see a pattern here?

Has it occurred to anybody that all of these narratives (in so far as they are described as being clear and present dangers to American security) are almost totally false on objective observations and simple logic applied?

Is anybody out there thinking that perhaps we’re all getting played and consenting to have our attention shifted away from actual critically problematic issues here at home?

If North Korea were an actual threat to the United States, or even to Japan, do people think that China is so strategically obtuse that they would allow such a threat to be executed upon the United States when they know that the highly predictable response of the United States would be to execute multiple nuclear detonations upon North Korea knowing full well that the radioactive fallout would substantially impact their own country?

I don’t think so.

North Korea, and so many of these other alleged national security threats are mostly bullshit and purposeful diversions.

Meanwhile, we’re almost two months in to the Trump Administration and nothing is happening on fixing health care, tax reform, border enforcement, drug price scams, American infrastructure, failing American schools, government-sponsered brazen infringements and violations of Americans’ privacy and civil liberties, banking and securities reform, rational energy policy, and the protection and expansion of the greater American economy.

There is also no discussion of the impending debt ceiling crisis which commences in earnest on March 15.  There is no discussion about the fact that both our securities and real estate markets are completely out of whack again — and to an extent far greater than prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

We’re talking about inane and totally false threats to us outside the United States, and here at home we’re whistling past our own graveyard and night has fallen.

The American people are in extremely deep trouble and peril—and it is not from a source outside the nation, but from deep within. It’s time for folks to put their faith in something besides our elected representatives, senators, and President Trump. They are rudderless, hapless, and already paralyzed within the maelstrom that they’ve created — we can observe this every news day.

No wonder nations like North Korea, Iran, and so many others are laughing at us and are not worried about poking us in the eyes and defying our wishes. They can see for themselves that we’re close to losing control of our internal problems and divisions and looming economic default. They have made their own calculations that, just like every other empire who aspired to rule the world before us, our time as first world leader is nigh. They see how internally weak we’ve become — like the big, drunk, blustering cowboy who’s all hat and no cattle and just begging to be put down.

What a mess. What a tragic and unnecessary thing.

Stand by. We’re going to get shown the door by our enemies very soon. The only question is whether we’ll be allowed to walk out of it on our own power, or whether we get hauled out on a stretcher or a body-bag. We’ll be damn lucky if we don’t end up in a World War III.

John Corderman

John Corderman is a writer living in Phoenix, Arizona — with extensive experience in retail management, commercial construction, and financial brokerage services. He composes regular comments about American politics and culture.