POEM: The Last Republican in Portland

The last Republican in Portland
wears a plaid shirt and lumberjack boots
drinks 100% genuine Ethiopian ethically-sourced
Moka Harrar small-bean coffee
makes sure the block rules for recycling
are strictly enforced

the last Republican in Portland wears an earring
his girlfriend for some reason not entirely clear
has shaved one side of her head
and believes violence though unfortunate
must be deployed by the global working underclass
against the hegemony of the elite
he thinks her ravishing

the last Republican in Portland listens carefully
and if you ask him he will say there is too much trouble
in the world today and now
he has to go
back to his start-up social media application
store and what he really thinks you and I
will never know


Richard Donnelly

Richard Donnelly lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Classic flyover land. Which makes us feel just a little... superior. Mr. Donnelly's first book is 'The Melancholy MBA,' published by Brick Road Poetry Press in Columbus, Georgia.