Special School Board Meeting Today, Friday, to Discuss Charter School

Pagosa Peak Open School — the county’s proposed tuition-free charter school hoping to open its doors next fall — posted a meeting announcement on their website yesterday morning:

The Pagosa Peak Open School board of directors will hold a special board meeting at the Pagosa Springs Middle School at 2:30pm, on Friday Feb. 17. The public is welcome to attend.

The 2:30 meeting will be followed by a special meeting with the Archuleta School District School Board to discuss the proposed charter school contract, to be held in the Middle School Library at 3pm. The meeting may include one or more executive sessions. The public is invited to attend the open-door portions of the meeting.

Click here to download the draft meeting agenda.

The Archuleta School District had posted, to its own website, an announcement of today’s special meeting, listing three agenda items:

Subject: Pagosa Peak Open School Charter School Contract
Type: Discussion
The Board will hold a discussion on the potential contract for the Pagosa Peak Open School charter school.

Subject: Negotiations
Type: Action
The Board may go into executive session pursuant to C.R.S. 24-6-402(e) to discuss a matter subject to negotiations with the Pagosa Peak Open School Charter School. During the executive session the Board will hold a phone conference with the District’s Attorneys regarding these negotiations.

Subject: Pagosa Peak Open School Charter School Contract
Type: Action
The Board will consider approving the Pagosa Peak Open School Charter School contract.

Readers might notice that the Pagosa Peak announcement mentions a possible face-to-face discussion between the charter school board and the Archuleta School Board, while none of the three agenda items posted by the School District make mention of a discussion between the two boards.

Interested members of the public may find this discrepancy somewhat confusing. We do know, with some certainty, that at least a portion of the Friday meeting will be open to the public, and we might reasonably assume that the Archuleta School Board does indeed wish to have a roundtable discussion with the Pagosa Peak board, so that the two governing boards can agree on a mutually acceptable charter contract, to benefit the children and families of Archuleta County.


Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson founded the Pagosa Daily Post in 2004 in hopes of making a decent living writing about local politics. The hope remains.