Colorado Chosen for ‘Resiliency’ Study

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet announced this week that Colorado has been selected as one of 12 Regional Resiliency Assessment Program (RRAP) sites for Fiscal Year 2017. The Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate Office of Infrastructure Protection made the announcement this week.

“The RRAP shares our goal to build a stronger relationship between the public and private sectors, so they can work together to improve the resilience of Colorado’s critical infrastructure,” Bennet said. “Congratulations to Colorado and we look forward to reviewing the recommendations of the assessment.”

The RRAP is a cooperative, interagency assessment of specific critical infrastructure and an overall regional analysis on surrounding infrastructure. The organization works to identify dependencies, interdependencies, cascading effects, resiliency characteristics, and gaps.

The Fiscal Year 2017 RRAP project in Colorado will focus on data centers and internet service providers in the Denver metro area that serve as an important hub for internet traffic and data services for critical services, including 9-1-1. The project will identify vulnerabilities and dependencies of lifeline infrastructure supporting the data centers.

The RRAP produces a Resiliency Assessment and Multimedia Presentation containing the results of these assessments and a comprehensive regional analysis. After the RRAP assessments have been completed and the Resiliency Assessment has been provided, the Office of Infrastructure Protection offers continued resources and assistance to address regional resilience issues further.


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