HUMOR: Have You Given Up on Donald J. Trump?

Apparently, with only a couple of weeks left before the final day of voting, some people are still trying to get Donald J. Trump elected President.

Others, apparently, have already given up.

I can say this with some authority, because someone named “” emailed me an exclusive survey about this issue, and gave me a chance to weigh in on the matter. Confidentially.


At first, I was somewhat disappointed that the individual named “” had not bothered to insert my actual photo into the box to the right of Jeb Bush, because I can pretty much guarantee that I am indeed “to the right of Jeb Bush.” (I mean, golly, my photo should have been easily accessible if “info@” had simply visited my Facebook Page.)

It’s entirely possible, however, that “info@” doesn’t know my actual name, because I was addressed (twice) by my email address, and even less personally (as “You?”) beneath my photograph, which as I mentioned was curiously absent.

But… when you come down to it, I really wouldn’t want my photo, or my name, to be displayed in the same lineup as those Republican Traitors. So I’m over my disappointment. (You can always find the bright side, if you look for it.)

Then we have the problem with the buttons at the bottom of the email. I was reluctant to click either of the buttons, regardless of the fact that this was clearly a confidential survey. (“info@” had mentioned — twice — that it was confidential.)

Partly, I was confused by the color of the buttons. The Red Button indicated that I was abandoning my candidate (with only 17 days left.) The Blue Button said Trump has my vote.

But… Blue is the color of the Democratic Party…

… and Red represents red-blooded Republicans. (Presumably, it represents even the cowardly Republicans who are abandoning Trump just when he needs them most.)

So I’m pretty sure “info@” got the colors mixed up. Probably unintentional. In fact, the whole confidential survey seemed a bit hastily assembled. (Considering my missing photo and name, and so on. But I’m over my disappointment, like I said.) It’s probably easy to do and say unintentional things when you’ve got only 17 days left, especially if your candidate has been doing and saying unintentional things for the past year.

And I also thought it was kind of weird that the Confidential Question “info@” posed to me was: “Have you given up on Donald J. Trump?” Sounds kind of… negative.

Wouldn’t a better question be, “Do you still hate Hillary more than you hate Donald?” Or, maybe, “Do you still agree that Donald J. Trump is the finest Reality-TV host ever to run for President?”

Why the question was posed in such a negative fashion, I have no idea. Probably unintentional.

But the real problem with clicking the Blue Button has to do with money. I’m pretty sure if I clicked the “NO! He has my vote>>” button, I would have been immediately whisked off to a Trump campaign website and asked to make a donation.

It’s obvious that the Republican traitors who are giving up on Donald J. Trump — McCain, Romney, and the rest — are probably not making donations to his campaign, even though they are exactly the millionaire types who can most easily afford it. So there you have it — Trump must resort to milking donations from starving news columnists. Who really can’t afford to donate, if we want to be brutally honest about it.

Which is why this whole country is going to hell. The folks like me, who truly care, can’t even afford to click the Blue Button.


Louis Cannon

Underrated writer Louis Cannon grew up in the vast American West, although his ex-wife, given the slightest opportunity, will deny that he ever grew up at all.