BOOK REVIEW: E.T. 101: the Cosmic Instruction Manual

08ET101DianaLuppiFeeling a little wonky lately? It might not be the weather or societal circumstances. It could be you’re an extra-terrestrial stuck on this planet without your guiding handbook.

Hailed as “The Book that Launched a Thousand Ships,” E.T. 101 zinged into best-seller stratosphere when first released in 1990 and continues as a popular cult novel today. To the delight of fans world-wide, the handy guidebook’s emergency remedial edition was just released as an e-book, for those who use electronic devices or stream data directly into their cerebral cortexes. Not sure if you are an E.T.? Read Part I.

Like the hard copies, the new version offers awakening E.T.s the same laser-witted vision of their roles in this dimension, along with transmutative directions needed to align with the mandates of Mission Control. With cosmic tongue firmly in cheek, Pagosa Springs authors Diana Luppi and Zoev Jho provide answers, resources, and insights into what the heck is happening on planet earth and why. Reading is an insightful, amusing, and weirdly profound experience; your time and mission on this planet will never look as dire.

The book tells us that “Adult Children of Dysfunctional Earthlings is the front line of Mission Control’s Planet Renewal Project, and their support groups are the heavy artillery of human liberation.” Veering from stellar knowledge to mildly irreverent inner wisdom, the authors kiss our cheeks while slapping our appendages.

A survey at the end of the book allows you to assess your situation and contact Mission Control. No extra-terrestrial’s Kindle should be without it.

The book by Diana Luppi, Zoev Jho, and Mission Control was published by Intergalactic Council on March 1, 2016 and can be accessed on Amazon.


Yoly Fivas

Yoly Fivas is a freelance writer and owner of 'House of Lit.' Her arrival on this planet is under scrutiny.