LETTER: ‘Disney’s Tarzan’ at PSCA is a Visual and Emotional Treat

This week I had the privilege of attending the dress rehearsal and opening night of “Disney’s Tarzan,” directed by Ryan Hazelbaker and produced by Thingamajig Theater at the Pagosa Art Center. The show is stunning and beyond anything I could have imagined. The actors, sets, lighting by Laine Wong, music direction by Boni McIntyre, choreography by Ryan, are amazing!

I had no idea I would get so emotional at the show. On my way home, I’m sure the lady at the Sonic drive-thru wondered why I as crying as I ordered my diet coke.

Photos by Doug Chapin.

Photos by Doug Chapin.

It’s wonderful that Pagosa Springs has such an talented professional theater that’s already winning many awards for their work. Tim and Laura Moore have brought to this community something very special. I have been involved in theater and have enjoyed many performances all over the country, and I find that the performances here at Thingamajig are equal or better than anything I have enjoyed. The intimate setting is really enjoyable.

I don’t think people realize that the costs and time to produce the quality shows we are seeing are only partially covered by ticket sales. It takes the support of the community — and a great deal of creativity — to create the fabulous shows we are enjoying here.

But I have to say that, “Tarzan” displays the most amazing set, acting, choreography, and lighting design that I have seen in a small theater like this. I am sure this show will win awards! Those who worked on the set – Laura, Jill Fives, Tanya M Quinn, Eric Chamness (and his crew) and all the amazing volunteers (you know who you are) created the most amazing African jungle, right here in the heart of Pagosa Springs. I am in awe.


I’m also in impressed at the group of actors that Tim and Ryan hired for the summer season. As they hired them, they were looking not only at their talents, but they made a point to get to know those they were interviewing to bring in high quality individuals, people we would like to be friends with. It is important to Tim to bring in this quality of people to the theater.

Tim and Laura Moore have inspired an amazing group of supporters who call themselves the “Friends of the Theater” who last week brought dinner in for the actors. You should have seen the joy that brought the actors; they were so excited. This new group provides much support and it is so appreciated. Anyone can join and help support for our wonderful professional theater here in Pagosa Springs. We are so lucky.

Be sure to see “Disney’s Tarzan” — and “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (another amazing, colorful show now playing at PSCA.)

Ladies, you don’t want to miss Tarzan in his loin cloth!

Connie Papple
Pagosa Springs


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