VIDEO: ‘A Picasso’ Opens This Weekend at PSCA

I had the pleasure this past weekend to work with the two fine actors — Dennis Elkins and Laura Moore — and director Melissa Firlit, now in rehearsal for Thingamajig Theatre Company’s production of “A Picasso”. The show opens on Friday at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. Our resulting 3-minute trailer is offered below, for your enjoyment.

Thingamajig Theatre Company closes its 2014-2015 Season with the Jeffrey Hatcher drama ‘A Picasso’ playing May 15-31. Directed by Melissa Firlit (Best Director of a Play ‘Red’, ‘Misterman’, Broadway World Denver,) the intense battle to save an artist’s work from the hands of Nazi occupiers is an intense and fascinating look into two real life characters in a fictional setting.

The company returns to the work of Jeffrey Hatcher. And, why shouldn’t they? Previous productions of his plays — in particular, ‘The Turn of the Screw’ — have proved successful.

‘A Picasso’ places a secret Paris meeting between famed artist Pablo Picasso and a representative of Germany’s Ministry of Culture. The one-act has a lot of humor, surprise, and intrigue and features two of the theatre’s best performers; Laura Moore (Winner Best Supporting Actress in a Play ‘Boeing Boeing’, Broadway World Denver) as the Ministry’s Miss Fisher and Dennis Elkins (Winner Best Actor in a Play ‘Red’, Broadway World Denver) as Pablo Picasso.


The play is set in Paris, 1941. Pablo Picasso has been summoned from his favorite café by German occupation forces to a storage vault on the other side of the city for an interrogation. His questioner: Miss Fischer, a beautiful “cultural attaché” from Berlin. Her assignment: discover which of the three Picasso paintings recently “confiscated” by the Nazis from their Jewish owners are real.

The ministry of propaganda has planned an exhibit, she explains… and only the great artist himself can attest to their authenticity.

But things are not what they seem on the surface, as Picasso soon finds out. ‘A Picasso’ is a cat-and-mouse drama about art, politics, sex and truth, with a twist at its climax and is not to be missed.

Thingamajig Theatre Company presents, ‘A Picasso’ directed by Melissa Firlit, featuring Laura Moore and Dennis Elkins. Playing at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, May 15-31. Weekdays and Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 2pm.

For tickets and information visit or call 731-SHOW (7469).


Bill Hudson

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