VIDEO: Archuleta County Transportation Summit, Part Two

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Archuleta County Transportation Director John Egan — who organized the 2015 Summit at the Quality Resort on February 26 — had invited a slew of local government and non-profit leaders, and business owners. In Part One yesterday, we presented a very brief summary of the basic issues, condensed from a two-hour community discussion.

In today’s video clip, Part Two, we will meet two of the other key players in the Archuleta County transportation game.


Peter Tregillus represented the Southern Ute Community Action Program (SUCAP) and its “Road Runner” bus system that connects the small town of Ignacio to the larger nearby community of Durango — both located in neighboring La Plata County. In addition to the Road Runner transit system, SUCAP also operates a senior center, a Montessori daycare program, a drug and alcohol treatment program and a young program; the organization was founded in 1966 by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and is ” one of the largest and most diverse non-profit organizations on the Western Slope of Colorado,” according to their website.

Road Runner Transit, started in 1999, connects Ignacio and Bayfield residents with medical services, jobs, education, and shopping in Durango. It receives major support from a federal grant, and from the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

As the Archuleta County bus system contemplates an expansion into La Plata County, it seems likely that Mountain Express will try and collaborate somehow with the Road Runner system.

Road Runner Transit's Peter Tregillus speaking at the 2015 Transportation Summit at the Quality Resort last February.

Road Runner Transit’s Peter Tregillus speaking at the 2015 Transportation Summit at the Quality Resort last February.

Another local transportation company, Wilderness Journeys, was represented at the Summit by owner Wayne Walls. Wilderness Journeys was founded principally to provide guided area tours and rafting trips for the tourism industry, but the company also offers shuttle services to Wolf Creek Ski Area and to the Durango Airport.. and local taxi service runs at $3 per mile plus $2 per person. So then, a bit more expensive than the Mountain Express current “Call & Ride” charge of $2 per ride, regardless of mileage.

The Summit concluded without generating any specific solutions… but we could hardly expect that kind of result from a two-hour meeting. I believe John Egan’s primary goal was simply to get various representatives together in the same room, to meet one another and begin to understand the various (potential?) pieces of an effective public transportation system.


Bill Hudson

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